I work with adults of all ages and backgrounds.

I have 20 years of experience working successfully with men and women suffering from depression, anxiety and who are experiencing problems in their relationships.

My experience has been varied, and my interests and expertise reflect this.

I work with individuals managing the layered and often emotionally confusing worlds of dating, marriage and parenthood. Each of these realms contain complexities and challenges and each individual brings their own unique set of expectations, rules, questions, fears and hopes to these roles. Working together to create an interactive, safe and engaging space, we will slow things down and listen in a new way, making room for insight and movement.

Examining and analyzing family history and family roles is at the core of the work of therapy. Weaving between present, perhaps pressing concerns, and past experiences, we make connections and identify themes that resonate, making room for another way of seeing and feeling. It can be like learning a new language or like putting on glasses when we begin to understand how what we have seen, experienced and been told and shown in our families of origin inform the choices that we make today. Sometimes these are healthy and adaptive; it is when we are following an unconscious script and ending up repeating difficult or harmful patterns in our lives that therapy can be of great use.

Another areas of expertise include supporting individuals with mentally ill family members, as well as Caregivers; individuals coping with the pressures involved in  caring for aging and ill loved ones. I have found that there is tremendous overlap in the issues these two groups often face; that is, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, difficulty prioritizing self care, feelings of anger and guilt, and fantasies of flight and escape.

Additionally, I have worked within the fields of women’s health, maternal and child health and parenting. My experiences have included health education, early intervention, as well as perinatal and post partum mental health care.

Master of Social Work; University of California-Berkeley
Master of Public Health, Specialization: Maternal & Child Health; University of California-Berkeley
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, New York State with R Privilege (Lic #071999)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, California (Lic # 107874)
Intensive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program, William Alanson White Institute, NY
Post-Graduate Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Training, The Postpartum Stress Center, Rosemont, PA
3rd year Candidate: Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training (SEP)

Women’s Mental Health Consortium
National Association of Social Workers
American Public Health Association: Maternal & Child Health, Aging, Food & Nutrition sections
Nationally Certified Geriatric Care Manager (CGCM)
The Postpartum Stress Center
Certified Social Work Field Instructor (SIFI), Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, NY
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute