When anxiety is overwhelming or chronic it can significantly impact our quality of life.

At these times, worry and fear are right on the surface of our emotional responses, and we likely experience physical symptoms along with racing or repeating thoughts.

Physical symptoms of anxiety may include heart pounding or racing, sweating or itching, catastrophic thinking, shortness of breath, imagining and expecting the worst, jumpiness.

When our nervous systems are in overdrive we experience events as threatening, and we respond to that threat, often storing the fear.

In therapy we will examine the triggers for these feelings and responses and look at your life events and make connections that can lead to insight and relief.

Cognitive therapy-based approaches are also useful in examining and challenging thought patterns that might be keeping us in an anxiety loop. By learning to redirect thoughts, bring ourselves to mindfulness and reframing our patterns of thought, relief can be found.

Recommended Reading:

Quiet, Susan Cain
The Highly Sensitive Person, Elizabeth Aron
The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook, Bourne