Relationship Challenges: On & Off Line

This is a complex time that we are living in.

Technology has thrown us up and out in to the atmosphere and we are able to connect immediately with everyone we have ever met, as well as multitudes of new strangers.

Social media, online dating, these are useful tools that can reduce loneliness and isolation, link like minded individuals, spark love and marriage.

But the emotional fallout that can come from accessing unwanted information online, extrapolating incorrectly, losing privacy, breaking or attempting to manage boundaries online is also real and effecting.

I work with patients around the scope of relationship issues; those within families and between friends, and in dating, and not only as they relate to life online.

However, the unique set of issues that has come out of our relatively new ability to both access and present huge quantities of personal information, sometimes discovering disturbing or uncomfortable information virtually (and really) is of particular interest to me. Social media did not create infidelity but it is its best modern-day enabler.

Together we can navigate this unwieldy terrain.